Fluid.bufscale~ @scale options?

I could have sworn I requested something like this in the past, but only found a request for @clipping, which looks like that now exists!

It would be great to be able to apply atodb, dbtoa, ftom, and ftom, and/or having an @exponential attribute too (to mirror scale/scale~) via a @scale attribute, which could take any of the above (e.g. atodb, dbtoa, etc… or if it is given a float instead, it interprets that as an exponent to apply.

I find myself wanting to linearize the output of fluid.bufloudness~ for applying @weights specifically, but also for better interfacing with fluid.bufspectralshape~s @power 1 @unit 1 combo or fluid.bufpitch~s @unit 1.

What I’ve done in older patches is to dump everything out and do this stuff in Max-land, then dump it back in, but that’s obviously fragile and clunky, and like in the concat thread, staying “native” as much as possible is always desirable.

I can see that being useful but Another Thing To Maintain. The immediate use case is taking loudness and doing dbtoa to get weights quickly.

I would imagine all those bits are general library transforms (my assumption), and a nice QoL improvement.

The loudness weighting is a particularly nice use case as it will actually be loudness weighted, as opposed to db-> 0. to 1. linear scaling, which is pretty rough/approximate.