Fluid.jit.plotter, for a better performance than fluid.plotter

Unless it doesn’t have (all the) main feature parity, I would opt for a complete replacement. There’s already so much “lore” that’s missing for new users as things are buried in forum posts, example folders, 3rd/4th tabs of help files, it would be a shame to add new stuff but put it out of sight.

edit: I do like having the individually addressable point size/color like the 5d one from a while back, but I’m presently not using anything like that.

Is this due to the per-point set approach to this (instead of older approach that had color/size as separate pre-packaged matrixes?). I personally liked/preferred having/building a separate matrix per D anyways, rather than having to uzi/iterate through a long list to manually set each individual point (as is the current paradigm/implementation).

edit edit:
Being able to do this with a native plotter would be amazing.