Intended way to add/remove slices from a slice buffer?

Although I’m nowhere near that point at the moment, I was thinking that it would be good to have a visualizer for figuring out settings for the buf-based slicers (similar to fluid.datasetplot~).

Something that would run the buffer audio through a realtime equivalent to visualize envelopes as well as showing static threshold lines (ala Reaper), and perhaps some other stuff in terms of lockout timings etc…

Would also be nice to have something slick like @jamesbradbury thing which over segments and then joins things together, although I’m more directly interested in chaining together segmenters to get the higher level novelty slicing, but with more precise amplitude-based segmenting to find where in the hop of the novelty slicer to actually slice.

But all of this is to say that it struck me that I have no idea how would one remove, or worse, add slices to a buffer of slices. I guess for removing you can peek~ everything out, and filter for zeros, and then peek~ it all back in if you want to use it in a fluid.context~, but then it gets real fiddly if you have to keep track of when the “6th slice” is, as that no longer corresponds to a position in the buffer.

Worse still is the idea of adding additional slices manually, ala what @tutschku has talked about wanting a couple of times. Where you use whatever process to find slices, then using some kind of UI to remove, or add, additional slices.

Of all of my many issues with buffers, I hadn’t really thought about how rigid it is in terms of position/compression/expansion.

Am I overlooking some kind of workflow here for how this is meant to happen?

We’ve not done anything particular on this. I would have thought that if you’re needing to mutate the list of slice points, then getting out of the buffer and leaving it in list / coll / dict form until / if you really need it back in a buffer again makes most sense.

That’s what I’ve generally done, but I just wondered if there was an intended “internal” way to remove/insert samples that I wasn’t aware of (some kind of slippery bufcomposing).

Obviously once you’re zl-ing, the sky’s the limit (if the sky is only 32k units high that is).

Nice, yes. Coming super late to the party (has it finished? or is there an after party?) - considering the same requirements in SC. So pre-labelling a corpus with novelty slice, then live matching to it.
There are some annoying small segments that I want to exclude … adding this here to note that it’s a musical requirement … will update if/ when we figure it out : )

a good way is to make a corpus with the same label and put the durations as a dimension. You can then datasetquery with conditions on that to copy the other dataset. The datasetquery example has a few of those ideas of putting conditions on a given DS to prune another DS to a destination one, check the message transformjoin

Nice, thank you. This is likely more elegant than my impulse, which was just to hack an “ignore” list : )

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