Plenary#3: guest talks thread

Dear all

During the last project plenary, we had 6 other talks that we think are inspiring and definitely worth sharing. First on is @alicee with her amazing views on feedback system and life simulation metaphors and creative coding methods. I hope you enjoy as much as I did!

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The second talk is up! This time the wonderful @m.zbyszynski covers the breadth and depth of his creative techno-musiking… enjoy!

And this week, we offer you @jamesbradbury in all his splendour!


and this week, the meta-work (using our tools to find out how our tools are used) by the fascinating @jacob.hart


and this week, our external guest from Chicago, @tedmoore, demonstrating his research on a responsive system using descriptors and dimensionality reduction in Python and SuperCollider.


And finally, last and probably least, is my own presentation! The piece will be released later this year I’m told, and there are also 2 live versions on the youtube coming, but in the meantime you can hear me being enthusiastic about all the clever people that were in that room, and helped me get some ideas off my head and in creative coding in various timelines…