Pull requests for TB2?

In the last geek out session @tremblap mentioned doing PRs for things in the examples/help files, but when I checked on github, the only thing that’s public is the TB1 code/examples/helpfiles.

It would be handy of something like this possible.

TB2 is still in a private repo, and will remain there for a bit longer. Until it’s public, one can submit PR’s the old-fashioned way (i.e. e-mail or here).


Good to know.

It was mainly about trying to make examples 10a/10b/11 more generic, as they have a lot of prebaked numbers/values that are specific to the helpfiles (sample ranges etc…). 10b is easy enough to genericify, and I sort of did that for the weighted pitch thread, but 11 starts getting real dicey after a few steps.

Well, 11 is probably still in the process of unfolding, reflecting as it does @tremblap’s emerging relationship with this stuff. The fact that its brittle is my fault, because I just ported his SC in a get-it-done way. It’ll settle down in due course though.

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it is research in action. Maybe we should put that in the 2nd folder with all the other dodgy experimental stuff…