Short improv videos using some FluCoMa stuff

I started playing with my metal rulers and stuff again the other day and made some videos using that and FluCoMa stuff.

Metal by the Foot:

There’s some basic onset descriptors stuff happening to play back a corpus of china cymbal samples (the physical china cymbal is also part of the setup) as well as some spectral compensation to apply the filter of the incoming ruler to the played back samples.

I’ve also set up a second corpus (via two concurrent versions of Max since I didn’t want to rename all my buffers/variables!) of data samples which are being triggered by the china cymbal playback (this is in 1/3 specifically). Same spectral compensation there too.


Whats going on in 4?

A simpler version of what’s happening here. Basically a small transducer (my RH) is being driven by the mic (LH), and it so happens when both are pointed at the ruler at the right angle, it rattles up against the mic and snare.

I’m not doing the descriptor-based ducking like I am in the other video but mainly because the small transducer does (almost literally) nothing when it’s just dangling there.

This setup sounds quite good on the china cymbal too, but in my short explorations I couldn’t get as dynamic/gestural language as I could if I also have the ruler and snare at hand.